As a new client or user of radio sales it is quite easy to overlook the immense advantages of using radio as a brand communication tool.
To assist you in realising these benefits, we have compiled a list of the main reasons you would want to use radio broadcasting.

Most consumed medium in South Africa
- With respect to delivering the message to a mass audience, radio should be first choice

Less Obstacles
- Radio has the ability to reach areas where there is no electricity
- Cost effective and cheap to consume
- Radio is mobile (available on cell phones, online and in cars)
- It is in a language that listeners understand and can relate to

High Effectiveness
- If utilized strategically can penetrate the desired market efficiently
- Delivers accurate penetration and reach into the desired market
- High reach, high frequency

Has all the benefits of Community Radio
Community Radio is one of the fastest growing mediums in South Africa. It has an edge over commercial radio as it reaches consumers that are difficult to reach, especially in the rural areas.
One of the main mandates of Community Radio is to educate and inform, hence concentrating on informative, relevant and educational programming. Community Radio is part of the community and is embraced and seen as the voice of truth – an involved and trusted member of the community. It delivers maximum reach to consumers with similar interests in key areas limiting wastage. Due to low unit cost, community radio delivers affordable high frequency, high reach campaigns. Community Radio is the only medium that effectively captures South Africa's second economy group. .