Classic Radio Advertising, Features, Sponsorships, Radio Drama & more

M Point Sales offers robust and creative brand activations, brand solutions and radio broadcasting packages. Each of these is tailor-made to suit each of our unique clients and provide the most effective brand communication.

Classic Advertising
This option allows for traditional 30 second to 45 second voice advertisement on radio. The option may also be altered to allow for live read placements.

Pre-Recorded Radio Features
This option allows for between 1 minute to 5 minutes of pre-recorded infomercial features. The benefit of this option is more time to communicate your message in addition to the structured benefits of pre-recorded media.

Program Sponsorship
This option allows for the sponsorship of programs such as sports coverage or prime time news on the radio. This will allow listeners who tune in to certain programs to effortlessly learn about your brand as your message will be integrated into the program.

Radio Drama
This option allows for promotion, informing and educating through story telling in one or more episodes. The added benefit of this option is that the message is intertwined in the story allowing for seamless brand communication.

Outside Broadcasting
M Point Sales OB unit is a mobile unit with the unique ability to take radio content to the people where location is a limitation.

It allows for live crossings to and from local community radio stations. In addition to this is the ability to execute creative campaigns using the combination of activations, branding and radio broadcasting.

Satellite Syndication
This option allows for between 30 to 60 minutes of branded talk back programmes (Opening, Middle and Closing Billboards). It is considered to be the best platform for interactive radio as it has a toll-free line for listener participation. All eleven official languages are catered for during the program as all our program anchors are well informed and multi-lingual.

M Point Sales aims to venture into various forms of media apart from radio broadcasting. Such media include print, audio visual and interactive to name a few. For the full list of our extended media offering feel free to contact our sales office on 011 704 5200.